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USA Flag Superknit Polyester
Fully printed with grommets

3ft x 5ft  $10.00 each,    USA35SKP

4ft x 6ft  $16.00 each,  USA46SKP

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USA Flag Nylon Printed
With Embroidered Stars & Grommets  

2 ft x 3 ft    $18.00 each  USA23NOS
3 ft x 5 ft    $26.00 each  USA35NOS
4 ft x 6 ft    $32.00 each  USA46NOS
5 ft x 8 ft   $46.00 each  USA58NOS
5 ft x 9.5 ft  $53.00 each  USA595NOS
6 ft x 10 ft   $69.00 each  USA610NOS

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USA FLAG Super Tough Brand

Polyester Flag with Embroidered Stars and Grommets

3 ft x 5 ft  $29.00 each  USA35SP
4 ft x 6 ft  $39.00 each  USA46SP
5 ft x 8 ft  $65.00 each  USA58SP

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USA FLAG Valley Forge Koralex II

6 ft x 10 ft     $97.00 each    USA610SP
8 ft x 12 ft   $164.00 each    USA812SP
10 ft x 15 ft  $260.00 each  USA1015SP
10 ft x 19 ft  $320.00 each  USA1019SP
12 ft x 18 ft  $353.00 each  USA1218SP
15 ft x 25 ft  $562.00 each  USA1525SP
20 ft x 30 ft  $763.00 each  USA2030SP
20 ft x 38 ft  $898.00 each  USA2038SP

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USA FLAG Poly Max (Spun Polyester)

30 ft x 50 ft   $1485.00   USA3050SP
30 ft x 60 ft   $1695.00   USA3060S

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2 ft x 3 ft USA Classroom Flag

This is the standard classroom flag size approved for use in US schools.
Mounted on 42 inch black staff and made in USA, printed polyester with bright colors

2ft x 3ft $10.50 each. item # USA23CF
buy 12 at a time $9.00 each ($108)

Shipping on Classroom flags is $7.00 on first flag

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